GE Lists job function email list What is Twitch, what is it for and how does the most popular streaming platform work

What is Twitch, what is it for and how does the most popular streaming platform work

Still don’t know Twitch at this point. Twitch is a platform that in a very short time has positioned itself in the TOP 10 for consuming content and entertainment, especially gamers and teenagers. Although little by little the range of topics is expanding, and therefore the number of users who join the platform. So in this post, I am going to tell you what Twitch is, what it is for and how it works when it comes to streaming content, subscribing to channels and interacting. And at the end, of course, I will contribute my little marketing reflection.

How Twitch works

Now that you know what Twitch is, let’s talk a little about how the platform works. Although you can consume content on Twitch for free, the truth is that there are paid features in the form of subscriptions, and streamers can earn money. What’s more, this has become a very controversial topic, because there are streamers making a lot of money thanks to the audience they email contact list have managed to collect. Bits are like virtual gifts that we buy with real money and that are sent with a Cheermote to reward the streamer. 

Something else about Twitch

 Therefore, And since this is a blog about digital marketing. It makes perfect sense that it talks about the potential that Twitch has for GE Lists brands in the field of marketing and sales. Somewhere in the post I already mentioned that big brands (and not so big ones) take advantage of the enormous number of users. Therefore, who consume the content of certain streamers. Therefore, and that is why they invest in sponsorships . In this way, famous streamers show the brands or recommend. Them, and this produces a large increase in sales for many of them. But it is not the only way in which you can take advantage of the pull of this platform.

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