GE List job function email list Examples of Companies and Projects That Were Completed

Examples of Companies and Projects That Were Completed

These are some of the projects that were carried out through. Therefore, Crowdfunding and were successful and the platforms that were used for this purpose. Examples of It is a smartwatch or smart watch, which is the competition of the Apple Watch, being capable of managing calls. Emails , recording the user’s steps and sleeping patterns. This project managed to raise more than 20 million dollars with the use of the digital tool. The development of this idea consisted of harvesting honey. Therefore, Without the need to disturb or mistreat the bees and without the risk of stings, using an internal system. That divides the bees into sections, allowing the honey to flow from the hive directly to a container.

Examples of Crowdfunding Platforms in Latin America

Let’s get to know some of the crowd email contact list funding platforms closest to us. Therefore, This platform has opened the possibilities for projects on culture, business ventures, and social ideas. With the aim that all of these have a positive influence on society. It has been characterized by supporting different types of campaigns. In the coffee-growing country such. Therefore, as political campaigns or social responsibility initiatives .independent limited edition magazine that demonstrates through its images. Portraits of people who passionately live contemporary Mexico.

What is a Crowdfunding Platform

MARCO, is an independent limited edition GE Lists magazine that demonstrates. Through its images portraits of people who passionately live contemporary Mexico. Fondeadora has positioned itself as the best option when it comes to financing creative projects, with the objective. Therefore, Of promoting innovation, creativity and Mexican talent. Digital transformation has been responsible for providing new options to facilitate the fulfillment of objectives. By companies or entrepreneurs, in this case. Therefore, it allows us to finance our projects so that we can fulfill. What we have longed for with its different types and its easy functioning.

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