GE List industry email list To generate conversation you have to surprise and break the barrier

To generate conversation you have to surprise and break the barrier

In recent years LLYC has gone from being a communication consultancy without a large presence in creative competitions to being a fixture on the Spanish creative scene. The great awards won at El Sol or FIAP along with the Silver Lion at Cannes are some of the high points of a year that has been historic for the company with nearly 100 awards at different creative festivals . To celebrate, we wanted to interview Julio Alonso Caballero , Executive Creative Director of LLYC and one of the architects of this transformation of the company.

The first question is easy what has happened to LLYC

Well, not really. It is normal that people industry email list continue to see LLYC as the great communication consultancy that it is. They have been very strong in all aspects of communication such as public affairs, financial communication, corporate communication, crises, etc. for more than 25 years. However, in this quarter of a century, logically, we have evolved and have known how to adapt to the needs of the market and it is true that in the creative aspect we began our journey 6-7 years ago.

And could you tell us some of the keys to what you are doing to achieve this

The main key, I sincerely believe, is that GE Lists at LLYC the commitment to creativity is now stronger than ever. Not only because of the arrival of CHINA and BESO as large companies that join in and which is the most visible, but also on a day-to-day basis. In this sense, we are trying to strengthen the creative teams with new profiles, reinforce the strategy part with analysis of data, communities and territories or cross campaigns with experts who open new dimensions for us, such as sociologists or neurologists, to make them grow.

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