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Time to reach out to customers

Strategy and implementing practical measures the MRACE® model can offer you exactly the change you need. In this blog I will tell you how the MRACE® model differs from the RACE model. Once you start developing marketing and sales systematically with the help of MRACE® you probably wont want to go back to more traditional marketing models. The RACE model lacked a sufficiently systematic measurement – this is how MRACE® was born If genuine commitment to strategy and a clear annual goal exhausts marketing

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And ad hoc-style tinkering will almost inevitably swim into daily activities. At Suomen Digimarkkintoninn we started our operations quite soon after the birth of the RACE model . We knew the benefits business database of the model but in our opinion RACE lacked a few essential aspects such as systematic measurement and continuous development of operations based on results. What is the effectiveness of the MRACE® model based on? Listen to the free pod. We took the RACE model further and this is where MRACE® was born .

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By a reference framework for measurement which includes the examination of each individual step of the model as well as the whole. Only with the help of this systematic measurement is continuous GE Lists development with the right measures possible. With the help of the measurement framework we stand behind the proposals and measures we make without guesswork whether we are doing digital marketing for ourselves or our customers. At the same time we know what things to commit to in the long run and on the other hand

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