GE List Country Email List This decision was a pivotal moment

This decision was a pivotal moment

Then one day we decid to double our business and try advertising with google. It was an instant success. Our traffic went through the roof (as did our ad spend). But we finally got the breakthrough we ne. Following that move. We saw tremendous growth. And we also start getting the organic search results we ne to wean off google ads. This decision was a pivotal moment for us and ultimately l to our breakthrough. I will always remember it.” holly winters holly winters ashoreapp holly winters works with ashore an online proofing system built for high-velocity creatives that increases approval ratings by 50% by automating the approval process and improving the quality of approver feback.

The updates and changes are just bandages

The biggest problem in the software industry isn’t bugs. Poor development. Or africa email list even security – it’s denial. Broken software doesn’t stay broken because no one knows how to fix it; it stays broken because no one is willing to fix it right. If the product was not built well. The updates and changes are just bandages over bullet holes. We had to deal with this (rather rude) awakening with our company’s software solution. After reviewing our users’ feback. We realiz that the product they want wasn’t exactly the product we made.


The results were incrible

 Sure, We could add all the features and dress it up GE Lists as if it were. But that’s no way to build high-quality software; we had to start from scratch. We rebuilt our app from the ground up. Implementing every bit of document user feback and enabling new features that were enterprise-orient (for example. Offering our users comprehensive white labeling). The results were incrible; we experienc massive business growth almost immiately. Today. Ashore manages the approval process for nearly 10.000 creatives. A feat that would never have been possible if we simply “solv the problems.


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