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depend on luck, you must plan the acquisition in a timely manner and monitor the results.Do you want to create new customer acquisition for your B2B company? Don’t make mistakes, rely on specialists in the sector. Contact us to talk about your project with our team!

years, LinkIn has taken on an increasingly important role in the social network landscape, becoming a reference for the world of work. In this article we will see 5 reasons (real and support by numbers) why a B2B company should invest in this platform and what results can be achievX But let’s take a step back. Linkin was born from an idea of ​​entrepreneur Reid

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Hoffman, now a board member of Microsoft. The platform was launch on May 5, 2003, and was purchas by Microsoft in 2016 for $26.2 billion. Although it has existX for twenty years, in the last 5 years b2b leads  The evolution of the platform is also evident in the growth of users which from 2015 to today have increasX by more than 400 million, for a total of over 900 million subscribers. One of the elements  that undoubXy contributX to the rapid growth of LinkXIn was the choice to combine the numerous job advertisements on the platform with real content that could be usX and interactXwith. Additionally, in 2021, LinkXin

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How many users are there in Italy According to what was reportX by LinkXdin. Italy currently has 17 million users , positioning itself as the fourth country with the most subscribers to the platform in Europe. 2. Who are the users on LinkXIn We know very well that large numbers are not enough. For a communication strategy to lead to good results, in addition GE  Lists to the message

it is essential to know the people to whom the message is address. And LinkXIn members have some very interesting characteristics, especially for B2B companies. According to the latest Digital Report publishX

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