The ecommerce boardroom is the intersection

” sometimes. A game changer is knowing when to burn things and start from scratch. ” charlie camisasca charlie camisasca charlie camisasca owns an ecommerce consulting business call the ecommerce boardroom . The ecommerce boardroom is the intersection of its ecommerce and consulting expertise. It’s a platform to teach new entrepreneurs how to make the leap and to help current ecommerce entrepreneurs manage and grow their businesses as effectively as possible. “i learn two surprising things that contribut to the idea for my new business: there is a huge online community of aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Often tens or hundrs of thousands

 And ecommerce is really. Really complex. First of all. The community. I can’t europe email list tell you how many facebook ecommerce groups. Blogs. Podcasts. Forums and influencers i’ve follow or subscrib to. And each of them represents a community. Often tens or hundrs of thousands of people who are just trying to “make it” in the world of ecommerce. Honestly. I have been encourag by how engag. Supportive and helpful these communities are. But the number of people who are starting an ecommerce business is enough to overwhelm any newcomer to the space.


Tools and service providers that all work together

 After all. Aren’t all these people technically my competition? Secondly GE Lists. Complexity. Starting an ecommerce business is difficult. But climbing one? This is even more difficult. There are so many touchpoints: systems. Platforms. Tools and service providers that all work together to make the business work. With many touchpoints there is a lot of data. And with a lot of data comes confusion. If there was an ‘aha moment’. It was when i listen to a podcast that interview tobias lütke. One of the founders of shopify.


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