GE Lists industry email list The benefits of a communication boutique

The benefits of a communication boutique

They work with clients from various sectors such as beauty. With companies such as the Gema Cabañero antiaging & advanced aesthetics clinic or the online designer cosmetics store. Among many others; and in the health and well-being sector , for example, with the P&P Clinic dentistry clinic. They also specialize in decoration with clients such as the French furniture brand Schmidt. In the tourism sector with the unique ecological accommodation Cork Valley. On the other hand, in the business and corporate division they have clients such as the law firm Galisteo.

What differentiates a communication boutique

This fact is evidenced by Marta Galisteo Gómez, founder category email list of Masstige Comunicación. Who explains that what differentiates an agency from a boutique is the same thing that differentiates a boutique from a department store: personalization. Human warmth, small details. «Has it never happened to you that you go to a little store or the cafeteria downstairs so much that you don’t need to remind them of what you want because they know you perfectly and have even become a kind of confidant? That’s us: the usual little shop, the cafe downstairs. But brought to communication. Our clients trust us 100%, because we help them every day.

Searching for differential elements of a brand

This relationship with the client, as Marta GE Lists Galisteo explains, must be based on trust. «It is not easy for a client to trust you at first, of course, but when you stop to talk to them and truly understand them there comes a time when you think like them and speak the same language. Then they realize that they can trust you and the agency-client barrier is broken. In fact. I think most of our clients consider us an extension of their business ,” she expresses. This search for personalization extends to the characteristics of the team that makes up this agency. The profiles of Masstige workers are highly aware with the aim of and turning them into news. Into information that can be relevant and impactful for the consumer.

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