GE Lists b2b email list Strategies for Advertising and Commercial

Strategies for Advertising and Commercial

Dream big that all your goals will come true and work every day to achieve them» Currently, she is working in a company in the marketing area, it is quite a challenge for her since it is the moment where she must put into practice what she has learn in addition to always giving her best. “Dream big that all your goals will one day come true, idealize a wonderful future, but don’t just stop thinking, but work day by day to achieve it,” is the advice that Indira wants to give to the students.

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From upn. Learn more about the achievements of our outstanding students from the faculty of business by entering our blogging platform .ximena mariños, is a leader in the monitors and service councils programs b2b leads at the escuela de estudiantes lideres and affirms that the best way to learn is by teaching. At 17 years old, ximena mariños took some vocational tests and, without a doubt, business administration and management was among her top careers to choose from. It was then, during a visit to one of the campuses, where her passion for being part of the heart of a company was born; as well as helping entrepreneurs and smes to grow.

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Years later he was able to lead the UPN Vocational Tour and repeat this experience sharing with various schoolchildren; whom he would guide and guide to become future Commercial Managers. Staying in the top tenth and winning the Academic Excellence Scholarship motivat her GE Lists to constantly face new academic challenges. Among them, being in the interuniversity final of the Innovation Challenge 2020 , having been nominat in the awards for academic excellence projects; having recognitions such as: Winning project in the Market Research, Administrative Management, International Negotiation category, among others.

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