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Social networks lock

Social networks lock Hat in low design will once again join the declination of flat design. Extremely simple elements and always separat from each other with a clear distinction of the planes in which the texts, images and other graphic elements are clearly distinct. Fonts with a simple design, without serifs, us in their bold declination to more easily produce a strong visual consistency and greater readability. Landor, which was a pioneer in various research, design and consultation methodologies that are now customary in.

The branding industry

Proposes a bold use of color to complement seo expate bd the simplicity of the graphic sign and communicate an optimistic emotionality towards brands. And her work on brands such as Coca Cola, Levi Strauss & Co., Bank of America, British Airways has seen the fruits she has brought over the years. will also be the year of attention to detail, a sign of particular care due to the use of responsive typography . The technology now allows you to animate and dynamically adapt the lettering to the device us. Lettering must therefore be studi and us more precisely.

We can already see

That responsive typography combin with GE Lists flat design is the calling card of major web players such as Adobe, Apple, Google and Microsoft . Type design therefore becomes fundamental to creating a simple, clean and memorable brand identity. Excessive contrasts and unexpect proportions between images, lettering and colors will be us to stand out from standardization. Visual displacement will be the new MUST. In addition to the Ultra Violet propos by Pantone, in we will see the use of bright , almost fluorescent colors, with RGB colors load with brightness so as not to go unnotic on the screens of our desktops, laptops and smartphones. The return to calligraphy and handmade will allow us to enhance the uniqueness of the graphic sign.

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