GE List Special Database Quality Content, Use a Formidable Tool: the Blog

Quality Content, Use a Formidable Tool: the Blog

Quality content. Use a formidable tool: the blog blog. Content would you like to increase the visibility of your site and your business? Create a blog and publish quality content! If you have create a business website . You will surely want to grow your business. Increase the number of customers or sales. By choosing digital. You made the right choice! However. To achieve the goals you have set for yourself. You nee something more: you nee a blog and quality content to publish! Why blog if you already have a site? Because the blog has a different function from the website and is one of the most effective marketing strategies. 

Why blog if you already have a site

Which without high costs allows you to achieve important business objectives. Before continuing with the discussion. It seems appropriate to clarify one point. What special data is the difference between a website and a blog? How do the website and the blog differ ? Are they two separate platforms? The website is that digital platform. Which puts the company. The professional or the public administration that owns it at the center of attention. It is in fact the virtual showcase in which the brand shows its products and services. Talks about itself unilaterally. Without communicating with site visitors. As you know or have seen. 

What is the difference between a website and a blog

The website is made up of some pages. Often calle “Home”. “About me”. “Products”. “Services”. “Contacts”: if you pay attention. These pages remain GE Lists the same throughout time and are rarely update. Hence the name “static pages”. These pages. Although graphically attractive and accompanie by excellent descriptions. Are not very communicative. Because. As I told you before. They allow the visitor to look. But not to interact and have a real exchange with the brand. And the blog? The blog. On the other hand. Is a page that contains more or less long texts. Images or videos. Which are continuously update. According to a specific publication frequency. The possibility of adding fresh and always new content distinguishes.

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