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Purposes Making the Most of

The best way to learn is by teaching, this allows us to question and develop new knowlge” Right now Ximena is focus on being able to finish her degree. She is also a featur leader in the Monitors and Service Councils programs at the Escuela de Estudiantes Lideres . In her spare time she is providing seminars and training to low-income students in different social support programs. Purposes Making the At the same time, she carries out a sustainable unisex fashion venture in favor of freom and diversity of styles, bodies, sizes and gender identity.

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The best way to learn is by teaching. This allows us to question and develop new knowlge. In addition, it creates bonds of trust, work teams and real friends with whom you business email list begin sharing an academic community and end up sharing ideals and aspirations.” This is the advice that Ximena wants to give to UPN students.“WHEN THINGS GET TOUGH, STOP FOR A WHILE AND LOOK BACK, SEE HOW FAR YOU’VE COME.” jan 24, 2022 | Written by: UPN svg E Our Featur Student is a Leader Monitor, Coach and Ambassador of the School of Student Leaders.

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For Milagritos Rojas, studying International Business and Administration is a unique opportunity. Since she research this, she was amaz by the many opportunities she could have to work in different GE Lists areas of a company; such as customs and its different branches. One of his greatest achievements is to continue developing his soft skills through the Student Leaders School . Here she held the position of Monitor Leader, Coaching and Ambassador. Purposes Making the Additionally, she takes advantage of her free time to be director of the Human Talent Management area at Vacaciónate and member of the Research area at Warmi Ventures .

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