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Product Excellence Enthusiasts

 Remember that Escribelo knows up to 29 languages Product Excellence ​​perfectly. Including the most popular ones such as (Spanish, English. French, Italian, German, and a long etcetera). Finally, you must choose whether the content you want to. Which I recommend for medium and high competition topics, or if you want the content. I recommend for very specific content that attacks long-tail keywords. Step 3: Set up content creation. We will tell the plugin if we want the contents to be published now, progressively, or leave them in drafts .

Improve it Product Excellence wherever possible

This is great because it allows us to simulate a certain “naturalness. When publishing top industry data content and so that it does not necessarily have to be published “at once” and all at once. Which one do I personally recommend? I recommend what Dean and I are going to do, all the bulk content (in large quantities) that Escribelo will generate for us, but dosing at 20-30 articles a day, more or less. Afterwards, a person should review all the content and improve it wherever possible, especially from a WordPress layout point of view . This will give the website a differential point.

Pexels website and they are going to give us a free key

And finally, to finish the configuration GE Lists we are going to request the Pexels API to generate featured images for our website . This step probably sounds Chinese to you, but we are going to make it easy. We are simply going to register on the Pexels website and they are going to give us a free key with which we can make 200 requests/hour to their API (basically direct access to their servers so that the Write it plugin extracts royalty-free images , that is, free). Step 4: Click the Write It button Press the button and watch your hundreds of articles like this one (with image and everything) be generated: Video player 00:00 00:07 Step 5: (TF *IDF) This step is where we do “the magic”.

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