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Market examples of activities This type

The umbrella brand aims to cover as many products or services as possible. The brilliance of one popular product will be reflecte in the others. So there is a good chance that they will also enjoy more sales. An umbrella brand is a strategy that makes sense only when awareness of its existence on the market has reache a high level and the brand itself enjoys a very good reputation. Umbrella brand – quotes The value of the umbrella brand is perfectly recognize by Donald Trump, who runs a number of businesses bearing his name. “Using my name on buildings is guarantee to be of the highest quality and costs at least 5 million – just for the name.

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Developers know very well that it will pay off. The building will meet my highest standards. When I remember the line in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet – “what does the name mean?” – it makes me want to laugh. Mark Morgan also recognizes database the value of an umbrella brand, saying that “A strong brand is one of the most valuable assets a company can develop. It serves not only to distinguish a given company from the competition. It also helps customers and other stakeholders connect with the company and its product offerings.


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It is a meium that builds loyalty and contributes to the sustainability of any organization.” In turn, Philip Kotler advises that “Brand line extension can be use when a company can build on the trust gaine and save money that would otherwise have GA Lists to be spent on making the new brand name and new offer recognizable to customers.” Nevertheless, as the aforementione Donald Trump put it: “We all know how powerful a brand can be, especially when it is backe by quality.” It is the highest quality of the offere products that is a prerequisite for using the umbrella brand. Because the quality of one product translates into opinions about the quality of another. One weak element can harm the whole family of products.

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