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Management And Compost Biogas Biomass

Now the ever-growing Coupa community is also benefiting from AirPlus’ digital payment solutions: AirPlus Virtual Cards are integratd into Coupa Pay so that the entire Procure-to-Pay process is handld via a central platform. What are the advantages for you and your company? And how can you benefit from streamlining your entire procurement process with Coupa and AirPlus? All information in the new episode Corporate Payment Insider Of course.

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We wantd to know more about that and askd two charming experts to come to our podcast studio: Sebastian Niemeyer, Senior whatsapp mobile number list Director – Strategic Bank Partnerships at Coupa and Stefan Waelde, Head of B2B Payments at AirPlus, answerd our questions about the new partnership – and explain, among other things, why cloud solutions and digital means of payment have a very similar DNA anyway. Listen to the new episode now for free on Spotify ,In our survey, we askd participants to list services for which they use virtual payments or intend to use virtual payment methods.

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All categories scord well, suggesting that businesses are already realizing the benefits of virtual cards for B2B shopping: DACH_virtual answer 2-1 Many of these categories, such as B. IT services are typically monthly recurring purchases GE Lists for which you can also configure a virtual card for recurring payments. And: The more payments you can automate, the more efficient your purchasing processes will become. We have already reportd in a previous article how entire marketing budgets can be shiftd to digital platforms, thus enabling better control of the return on investment.

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