GE List Whatsapp Mobile Number List ​​Instagram was launched in with a very simple idea

​​Instagram was launched in with a very simple idea

Take photos apply effects to them and post them for your friends to see, like and comment on. Almost eight years later, the application has become a machine for earning and also for generating money. This change came mainly after being acquired by Facebook. The giant social network changed the face of the app, creating features and “inspired” by rival Snapchat. The development of Instagram Ads and Instagram Stories are the main highlights. In June 2018, the milestone of 1 billion active users was reached, of which 200 million are business profiles.

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Indicates that the barrier of 50 million profiles has already been overcome — many of them from companies, making advertisements. Over time, therefore Finland WhatsApp Number List Instagram is no longer just a platform for displaying photos. It is now used by companies for brand positioning, fan engagement, promotions, and even direct selling. How to generate customers through Instagram? With the large number of users, Instagram has become strategic for one of the initial stages of Digital Marketing: Lead generation. Your customers may also be there, so it’s worth studying your business persona to identify this opportunity.

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Instagram Stories Insta Stories

Was the app’s best feature for prospecting new customers. In addition to making it possible to create short stories with sequences of photos and videos of up to 15 seconds it DZ Leads became much easier for people to access external pages. With a simple “drag the screen” Call-to-Action, you can make an offer that complements the presented visual content. Of course, the Story itself also needs to be interesting, and not just a mere bridge to generate Leads . Link in bio Until today, it is very common to read in the posts phrases like “to learn more, click on the bio link”. For a long time, this was the only way to get the user off.

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