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In terms of location and purely time

In terms The decentraliz and distribut lger, in fact, is made up of blocks link with cryptography, making them impossible to modify. Blockchain is already affecting many sectors, such as mical, financial, logistics, automotive. Tourism and many others who consider the technology useful for improving image, security and transparency for consumers. Why not apply it to the retail sector too?  Loyalty program simplification, influencer authenticity and brand targeting are three application areas that will potentially be us by blockchain in retail in the near term. Blockchain has been declar as one of the technologies that will disrupt retail in and, while many.

How will retail marketing be transform

Have focus on the potential use of the technology in the supply chain, a new focus is now on marketing. One of the main web designs and development service advantages of blockchain , as mention, is that the information record on it , such as large digital transactions and their traceability, cannot be alter. Microchips using blockchain, for example, can help manage a product’s security, authenticity and ethical standards throughout its history and movement through the supply chain. Blockchain will have a decisive impact on marketing , especially in retail where there are various application opportunities. Downloader More consumer data in omnichannel strategies.

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One of the problems that arise in retail marketing is the lack of data relating to consumers in physical stores . For this reason, brick and mortar strategies have been introduc in many companies, which allow you to interact with the potential customer GE Lists even when they are in the physical store, not just online. One technology us is the beacon , a device a consumer’s profile and use their data to carry out analyzes on their purchasing behaviour. However, the system, bas on Internet of Things technology, does not guarantee the information. Base necessary to carry out effective analyzes and this is why we are thinking of integrating it with the blockchain .

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