Historical data has no value and is not a good priction

 In the course of a global pandemic and everything that has happen this year. That is not the case. Historical data has no value and is not a good priction for what is happening now or will happen in the future. The value of real-time data and automation has skyrocket this year due to the importance of understanding what’s happening now. Versus what happen yesterday. Since the beginning of the year. Every company in wilbur labs’ portfolio has been working on building dashboards with real-time metrics across every aspect of each business to ensure decisions are made on the most relevant data possible.

For the first time in modern history

 Such as current customer preferences and cancellation trends. country email list While trends are more fluid now than in march and april. We are still seeing rapid changes in customer behavior on a daily basis. And real-time data cycles have directly contribut to greater marketing efficiency. Furthermore. Customer behavior and public interests have been constantly fluctuating. For the first time in modern history. We are seeing trends. Such as the adoption of ecommerce globally. That would normally have taken five years. But have occurr in five weeks.


We have been able to ensure that our portfolio

 With change so rapid. There’s no way manual processes can keep GE Lists up. By using automation where possible and connecting it to real-time data. We have been able to ensure that our portfolio companies make the most of all the opportunities available to them. ” dr. Pooneh ramezani dr. Pooneh ramezani drbritenaturals dr. Pooneh ramezani is a 20-year-old physician and co-found dr. Brite in 2015 with his sister. Dr. Paris sabo. Also a physician. When they saw a ne for sanitization in 2020.

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