GE Lists Uncategorized hat Large Numbers Are Not Enough. for a Communication Strategy

hat Large Numbers Are Not Enough. for a Communication Strategy

interested in the world of work and in finding new growth opportunities for their company. Administrators , managers , CEOs and leading figures within companies use LinkedIn to look more closely at the work of competitors or to find new ideas and solutions. This is why LinkedIn is the right platform in which to intercept them through a structured and targeted strategy. 3. Find new resources on LinkedIn Another reason, in our opinion fundamental, is the incredible possibility of finding new talent that this platform offers. Finding new resources to hire is very tiring but necessary to grow your company. The Microsoft platform can help you find

Furthermore Linkedin Members Are a

professionals in your sector or young talent to grow and train. Statistics reported on LinkedIn’s  business lead official website reveal that every week 52 million people use the platform to find work. Sharing new content constantly is an opportunity, not only to find  new customers but also to make your company attractive to the best talent on the market. 4. LinkedIn increases your conversions Like all social platforms, LinkedIn also allows companies and users to publish paid sponsored ads. According to data collected and published on the Hootsuite website , website visits coming from LinkedIn are more likely to increase conversions on B2B sites. To obtain these results it i

In Sponsored Ads Saw a 33% Increase in Purchase

necessary to effectively use the audience targeting tools made available by the platform. And speaking of the public, the data collected reveals that LinkedIn members have double the purchasing power of the average online user. 5. Improve the perception of your company The last, but not least, reason why your B2B company should seriously think about investing in LinkedIn is related to people’s perception of your company. The statistics reported by Hootsuite, in fact, reveal GE Lists that 50% of the brands that have invested in advertising on the Microsoft platform are perceived as being of higher quality than their competitors. Additionally, those who invested

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