GE List industry email list Growth Hacking Definition and Examples

Growth Hacking Definition and Examples

What is Growth Hacking? I’m glad you asked me… hahaha “Growth” means “growth” in English . So is all about growing a business. More specifically, it has to do with how to find a way to hack the growth of a digital business. So far everything is very logical, isn’t it? Well, the problem is that many people stay on the surface of the concept. They think that Growth is a set of ninja-marketing techniques  hacks that make you grow like crazy. So they believe that doing  consists of applying a hack here and there and that with that you can hack the growth of any business. But no, no, friend…. I wish it was that easy.

Growth Hacking is much marketing techniques 

More than that hack that appears on top industry data I don’t know who’s blog.  Is actually a way of working, a working method, a mentality . Definition of   For me,  is a continuous improvement process based on systematic experimentation, which pursues rapid and exponential growth at the lowest possible cost . It is a goal (always grow) and a path (systematic experimentation). But on the way to the goal, in how you live it, in how you focus on it, in your ability to enjoy, to detect, to interpret, to overcome, not to falter, to continue, to laugh, to cry, to fly, to shortcut… That is where the essence of a Growth Hacker lies … Unlike digital marketing, the ultimate goal of Growth Hacking is always growth .

For example  in traditional  the goal

Digital marketing you could work on GE Lists increasing engagement to improve the brand. On the other hand, if we worked on engagement in it would always be  aimed at increasing the final growth of the business: more paying users. Furthermore, Growth Hacking is transversal : it concerns the entire customer life cycle and their experience, not just the acquisition (which is usually the focus of traditional digital marketing).

Do you catch? That’s why to find that hack that appears on the blogs there is usually a growth hacker who has crashed a thousand times before. Or rather a growth team. Growth Hacking is not the hack, but the entire process that leads to that hack. Well, at that time Sean was working as a consultant for Software as a Service startups. 

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