Given that our company was an oral care company

 They creat a line of high-quality essential cleaning products available to the public. “ since the beginning of the pandemic. We turn 180 degrees and start producing essential hygiene products for the mass market. It was a very challenging pivot. Given that our company was an oral care company. We saw the ne. And instead of procrastinating. We saw it as a once in a lifetime opportunity and took advantage of it right away. In a short time we have grown our business and customer base astronomically.


Our procurement director had to

 Then. We nurtur customer relationships and email List made it a priority to take care of every new customer we acquir. The biggest challenge was that the supply chain had been affect by the pandemic. Which caus a shortage of raw materials and packaging material for our products. Our procurement director had to work very hard to source resources. And we had to pay a premium to get everything we ne into our facilities to fulfill orders. It was difficult. And at times impossible. But we did it.


We creat animat text for more cost-effective

 One piece of advice i can offer to other entrepreneurs is to take every GE Lists opportunity that presents itself and capitalize on it immiately. Don’t wait and don’t procrastinate. “ yaniv masji yaniv masji yanivmasji yaniv masji is a technology leader and business leader at nextiva. A large telecommunications company with more than 1.000 employees. “ nextiva saw an increase in engagement rates when we start using animat videos to promote our site content on social mia. We creat animat text for more cost-effective production. Rather than making videos with characters speaking a dialogue.


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