GE List job function email list Know Everything About the Collective Financing Network

Know Everything About the Collective Financing Network

Crowdfunding is a practice of raising resources aimed. Know Everything At launching projects or businesses through collective financing. Also called massive or collective financing, for the investor it works as. An optional form of investment and for the entrepreneur as an alternative source of financing. Crowdfunding can be used for many purposes, such as artists who need support from their followers. Political campaigns, debt financing, housing expansion, school or university projects. Development of mobile applications and even for the creation of new companies .

Know Everything What Types of Crowdfunding Exist

Crowdfunding is classified according to the type top people data of consideration that investors receive. In this type we are not talking about investors, but rather donors. That is, the people who provide funds for the project do so selflessly without expecting anything in return for their donation. These are usually social or charitable projects, such as fundraising in the wake of a natural disaster. In this case, those who provide the funds receive a product or service in return , which allows the promoters to carry out a prior test of the project.

Crowd Factoring O Invoice Trading

It consists of a company that requires GE Lists financing, discounting its invoices. And promissory notes pending maturity in order to obtain liquidity in advance. The consideration that investors receive is based on the return of. The invested capital plus interest, following what was agreed with the company. In principle, there must be a project. Which must be entered on the website by the entrepreneur indicating its description, that is, what it is about. The necessary amount of financing, estimated time to recover the investment and rewards offered.

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