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Existing Channels and Technology

Lastly, she was Campus Director at the Hult Prize at Trujillo UPN 2021 . “When things get tough, stop for a while and look back, see how far you’ve come.” “Life is a constant challenge mainly because when we manage to overcome the fence we find new challenges waiting for us. I have complet the challenge of the first part of my thesis, and I am currently assuming different positions in various areas,” Milagritos tells us. As an outstanding student in higher ucation, Milagritos has many pieces of advice, but the ones that stand out the most are to take advantage of every opportunity to experiment and not let fear be a limitation.

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On the contrary, this should be her motivation to get better every day and give the best version of herself in challenges. For our student, the new generations will be in charge of looking for alternative business lead solutions to the social gaps that still persist in Peru. For César Augusto Sirlupú, studying Economics means seeking the development and growth of the city where he grew up. “We young people have to take the reins of the country. We must seek solutions for the great social gaps in which we live.

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The economy is an essential factor that can help us with that ,” he comments. That is why he currently belongs to the Young Leaders network of the Peruvian GE Lists Institute of Economics (IPE) , and has two research papers publish in index journals (Mercosur Magazine of Public Policies and the UPN Research Training Magazine). In addition, Existing Channels and he has been one of the founders of the Volunteer College of Economists of La Libertad (VCELL), an association that aims to promote research and analysis of the local and national economy.

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