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Elevate Your Product Game

And it really is a very simple magic. As simple as Elevate Your e using two technologies that are already powerful. separately and have proven their validity. (AI and TF*IDF ), but together they are simply exponential . The summary is this. With AI we generate hundreds of articles With the TF*IDF we optimize those articles for SEO. Remember that TF*IDF is a practice with which we add keywords to our content. Specifically, the keywords that our competition is already using, for that keyword that we want to position. Below you will see how it would be done step by step.

Analyze the top 10 on Elevate Your e Google for the keyword

What we are going to do is use the Semantic Prominence and TF*IDF module from DinoRANK. And what industry email list does this module do? Analyze the top 10 on Google for the keyword you indicate, examine its content and tell you which words they use the most . That is, it tells you what semantic terms your competitors include in their content and what they are helping them position. From there, we will extract a list of words that an editor will have to include in the content generated by to optimize it.

The top 10 to know which words you are missing

Let’s look at it more slowly. dinorank semantic tfidf analysis. First, we enter the TF*IDF and GE Lists semantic prominence module and write. The keyword that we want to position. You will see that there is another optional field to fill in. URL to position: it is another function of this module. That compares your published content with that of the top 10 to know which words you are missing (or extra). In this first stage we will not use it because we have not yet published the post Next we click on “Analyze” and let DinoRANK analyze the contents of Google’s top 10 for “how to make a dog vomit”.

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