GE List Country Email List Don’t take advantage of these offers

Don’t take advantage of these offers

We ne to confirm that we own the website in question. This is smart.  could access the information or modify the site’s properties in Google searches. Confirmation of ownership with an HTML file The easiest and most recommend way to confirm ownership is to add a separate html file to the server that performs the confirmation. Download the HTML verification file by clicking on the blue link text. You will receive the file in question on your computer.

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 which must then be export to the root africa email list directory of the site in question on the server. verify website In Zoner’s web hotels. then be the public_html folder found under your own domain. to the root of which you can export the file either with an FTP program or with the Files function of the web hotel’s DirectAdmin control panel. After the file has been add to the server. check the link in the confirmation view to make sure it was done correctly. You should see a simple page like the example.

The correct directory would

Google Search Console confirmation GE Lists If the file opens. complete the confirmation from the confirm button below. If everything is in order. you will still get a congratulatory view about the success of the confirmation. Search Console confirmation Alternative means of verification In some cases. such as in the case of some home page machines. it is not possible to upload files to the server. In this case. the confirmation can also be perform in alternative ways.

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