GE Lists Whatsapp Mobile Number List How to start producing content for Instagram

How to start producing content for Instagram

Instagram has several formats for sharing content, so let’s show you some suggestions of what you can post in each of them. post carousel Post carousel allows you to include up to 10 photos and videos in a single post. Thus, the first photo can be used as a cover for the content that follows, so that users “swipe to the side” to see more. So, you can use this feature to publish a step-by-step guide, a catalog of your products/services or even models for using your merchandise. single image post This is the most classic of all, a simple image per post, but it is very effective.

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users tend to like it more because it’s simple and delivers everything they need. It is in this post format that you should insert infographics, inspiring phrases China WhatsApp Number List well-placed photos of the products or something that draws attention to your service. Stories Instagram Stories allows you to quickly post photos or videos that are available for up to 24 hours. Therefore, it is the most functional way to humanize your brand and get closer to your followers. So try to post stories regularly, presenting different content, such as positive sales experiences and using.

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And an extra tip: try to use the stickers so that the stories become interactive, that way your story gains more visibility. reels Reels is a relatively new format GE Lists on Instagram that uses the algorithm to create a gallery of short videos based on your interests. In this gallery, you’ll find popular audios, video trends (the famous trends) and you’ll notice that most videos are no more than a minute long. Consequently, your reels can appear on the profile of any Instagram user, even if you are not a follower. Despite this, you need to learn to use this to your advantage and adapt.

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