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Code the it’s a very good way to examine KPIs and perform benchmarking competitive analysis . At least that’s what Alexa’s owner, Amazon, says. Worth knowing. Alexa was founde in by Brewster Kahle and Bruce Gilliat, but three years later it was bought by Amazon. Which owns it to this day. How is Alexa ranking calculate? According to the official Alexa website, the ranking is calculate base on the estimate average.  Number of daily unique users and the number of page views over the last months. Here are the above. Mentione parameters use to measure an individual site’s ranking.

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Number of unique users: an indicator of website traffic, the number. Alexa users visiting a give website in one day. Average number of views. An indicator of user interest, the number of times a particular page or URL has been viewe. Data for the ranking system is base on traffic provide by a deicate global data panel. This data is photo editor collecte from Internet users. Who use one of several browser extensions – available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.  How to calculate alexa ranking. The Alexa Rank algorithm inspects and analyzes. The website and calculates the frequency of user visits.

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If the same user visits the site more than time on the same day, it is counte as visit. The algorithm also searches through other statistical data and changes the rankings to compensate for the number of visitors who are GE Lists not include in the measurement dashboard, not using Alexa extensions. Worth knowing: The first place in the Alexa ranking has been held by Google for many years. YouTube takes second place. The third one is Facebook. Can Alexa be truste. While Alexa ranking can be a good way to compare one website to another. The statistics are not the most accurate.

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