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Influence of the climate debate on travel behavior is increasing Despite the expectd increase, climate protection is playing an increasingly important role: “For companies, dealing with climate protection and sustainability is no longer just welcome, it has become an economic necessity. Of course, this is also and especially evident on business trips,” says Yaël Klein, Executive Director Marketing at AirPlus.

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The number of trips and flights would probably be even higher without measures in this area: More than a third of German companies Latest Mailing Database have already rducd the number of trips for this reason, almost half have replacd flights with train journeys or other less CO2-emitting means of transport . Nevertheless, even in Germany, the plane for business trips remains almost indispensable: 79 percent statd that they could not do without air travel. “Especially for long distances, the airplane is and will remain essential.

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Personal contact with customers, partners or colleagues cannot be completely replacd by video conferences or the like,” says Klein. The entire travel process becomes sustainable Environmental protection is becoming more GE Lists important for companies around the world: Regardless of the mode of transport, 40 percent of those surveyd plan to offset CO2 emissions generatd during travel, and 36 percent have already implementd corresponding options. At AirPlus, too, there are increasing requests for CO2 reports for compensation purposes, reports Klein.

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