GE Lists Special Data Around or around interfacing

Around or around interfacing

This creates relevance of the inventory data and the employee does not have to manually update the data in the databases. In this case, the interface helps to avoid, for example, the case where the customer misses the product he ordere because the data was not update in time. People make careless mistakes unintentionally, but if the information systems are properly interface with each other, the chance of an error is many times smaller. With the support of interfacing, it is also possible to move very large amounts of data at the same time. 2. Interfacing the e-shop with the service of parcel machines More and more entrepreneurs are taking their business to the Internet.

The e-shop must be interface

If the company has an e-shop, then it is necessary to somehow deliver the products to the customer – here too, there is no way. In order for the database customer to be able to choose to send his product to the parcel machine, with one or more parcel machine services. There are quite a few service providers by now – for example, Omniva , Itella SmartPOST and DPD . 3. Interfacing the e-store with banks or other service providers and making card payments more convenient When shopping in an online store, people use bank links or enter their card details and security code or CVC.


E-commerce platforms

This is another data movement base on interfacing. such as WooCommerce , Magento and PrestaShop can be interface through payment solution companies GE Lists and their platforms. Some of these are Maksekeskus , Montonio , EveryPay , Stripe and Luminor e-commerce portal. Why is it good to interface your e-shop with one of these service providers? Namely because with a single contract offere by them, you can add bank links of several banks to your e-shop or make receiving payments convenient in other ways.

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