GE Lists Special Database And resulting in increas sales

And resulting in increas sales

Pollo clos 45% more deals with new retailers and had a 23% increase in revenue . All of this with a 40% lower investment , a consequence of well-defin actions that avoid wasting resources. Check out some of our results: Cost Per Click (CPC) decreas by approximately 28% . This allows the company to control expenses and invest better. The average ticket , which represents the average amount spent on orders, increas by 14% . The blog and website saw a 128.67% increase in sessions , not to mention a 134.98% increase in new users.

Some of our actions were Pollo Success Story

With these results, the And resulting ROI in this period rose to 1.93 . This means that, for every R$1.00 invest, M. Pollo earn R$1.93 . Beatriz Carvalho, Marketing Analyst at M. Pollo, comments on the partnership with new data Orgânica: ” Team participative and engag in the client’s project. Very open to feback and very agile in resolving any situation. ” See also the testimony of André Ribeiro, the company’s National Sales Manager.

Who will seek help when they ne it most

new data

Netshoes Netshoes revolutioniz e-commerce in Brazil, taking seriously the idea that the customer comes first — and is always right. This made Netshoes easier And resulting to sell products that, at the time, were still difficult to sell online: sportswear and footwear. When leads became more confident when GE Lists completing a purchase because they knew they could request refunds, make exchanges (whether because they didn’t like the product or the size didn’t fit them) or return products.

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