GE List Whatsapp Mobile Number List Customers but it is also essential

Customers but it is also essential

To think about how to retain them, that is, how to win over someone who has already bought from their brand. Therefore ensuring that the consumer has a great experience, both at the time of purchase and when consuming your content. Is very important to ensure that he continues to consume. In addition, when having a great experience, the chances of that consumer recommending your company to acquaintances are much greater.How to retain customers in the Digital Age? We know that nowadays, no matter what area you work in, it is essential to be present on digital.

If you want your company to grow

So as you progress with your live customers, it’s important to know how to do that on digital channels. There are some alternatives that can be used to retain Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List customers: 1. Enable website or social network notifications You can offer discount codes or coupons to those consumers who allow you to send them notifications. By doing so, they receive news and promotions. Through push notifications or even a newsletter. That way, both win; you for promoting your products or services, and the customer getting a discount in the store. 2. Accumulate points in exchange for products.

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Another option to make your customer

Buy again is through cumulative points. They can work as follows with each purchase, the customer earns an amount of points. which when reaching a GE Lists certain number can be exchanged for a service or product. You can make the amount of points proportional to the purchase amount, that is, the higher the purchase amount. The more points are accumulated.  Use cashback Cashback is already a widely used resource in  countries. But here it is still becoming popular among and intermediary companies.

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