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Advisory a First Advance of This Joint

We must look for solutions for the great social gaps in which we live» Our outstanding student was the winner of the EXPOINNOVA in 2021 and obtain second place in the CONEE National Research Competition . Currently, together with his partner María José Loje, they are focus on “ Behavioral Science Trujillo ”, an organization that seeks to empower young people by improving their knowlge in behavioral economics and soft skills from their cell phone. The advice that César wants to give to his UPN colleagues is the following: “Be 1% better every day, always seek to learn new things and develop more and more what you have.

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A proposal to overcome bullying and the problems that this attitude generates in the ucational environment. bullying The ucational problems in Peru and in the world prevent quality ucation. For this reason, organizations such as UNESCO place emphasis on the development business database of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the fourth of which proposes generating quality ucation, without restrictions, ensuring equal access. Focusing on the conceptual framework of bullying, which involves discrimination and rejection due to ethnic and racism issues, we have that in Peru this phenomenon arises because it is a megadiverse and intercultural country.

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Ucational policies: the ne to innovate them it is important that ucational policies focus on addressing the nes of each region in order to stop discrimination, rucing inequality. Likewise, it is important to mention the main advances to confront bullying, having an equitable ucation that unifies training through the review of curricula and the practice of GE Lists values ​​from basic ucation to higher ucation, banishing selfishness and injustice, imparting wisdom from the classrooms. How to ensure that peru is seen on the path towards quality ucation? The minu affirms that ucation must be improv in main terms with an evaluation of school directors and ucational institutions to measure performance standards and results from the first hierarchical position.

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