GE List Photoshop Services Add keyframes to your layers to

Add keyframes to your layers to

Define the starting and ending points of the animation. c) Utilize the transition options to create smooth and gradual changes between keyframes. d) Adjust the timing and duration of each keyframe to control the animation’s speed. Exporting as a GIF Once you have completed your animation, it’s time to export it as a GIF. Go to File.

In the Save for Web dialog box

GIF as the file format and adjust the settings for color, dithering, and transparency as needed. Preview the GIF to ensure it meets your expectations before saving it. Optimizing File Size: Balancing Photo Retouching Service Quality and Speed GIFs can quickly become large in file size, affecting loading times and user experience. To optimize your GIF’s file size, consider the following.

Photoshop Services

Reduce the number of frames

Remove unnecessary frames or adjust the frame delay for smoother animation. b) Limit color palette: Use a limited color palette to reduce file size without compromising quality. c) Crop GE Lists and resize: Trim unnecessary parts of the animation and resize it to a smaller dimension if possible. Adding Text and Effects: Adding Flair to Your GIFs To make.

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