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Increase in fuel cost As Russia and Ukraine are large producers of oil and gas, within the framework of this conflict, a sustain increase in prices is expect that will have an impact on transportation costs in the short term. Likewise, the inflation produc, especially gas and gasoline, impacts a very long value chain, affecting several industries. When the cost, decrease or scarcity of one of these elements of the productive value chain is alter, long-term impacts are observ worldwide. It is estimat that the sustain increase in energy prices will make flights more expensive and keep transportation costs high.

Context of the Global Pandemic

hus, in Peru, so far this year, the fuel reference prices publish by Osinergmin show a cumulative increase and this trend is reflect in local marketing prices, that is, taps, a b2b email list situation that It produces discomfort in consumers due to the increase in the cost of transportation and relat products. Finally, given this situation, under the context of inflation outside the target range and possible greater inflationary pressures in the short term, it is estimat that monetary policy will continue to be adjust in the coming months, placing the interest rate around 4.

Represents a Challenge for the

Before the end of the first half of this year. Our outstanding student won a social responsibility contest organiz by upn with the aim of inserting people with disabilities into the world of work. Outstanding-student-indira-work GE Lists for indira león, studying administration and marketing was a decision that took time, but when she start researching the career she fell more and more in love with it and to this day she does not regret choosing it. That same passion allow her to be the winner along with her classmates of one of the social responsibility contests organiz by the university with the “ intégrate ” project, which aim to insert people with disabilities into the world of work.

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